In the EMDR there are some complex clients who just need something extra.

They struggle with attachment issues, find it hard to stay in their bodies, can’t stay grounded enough to do the trauma work and get flooded. They may not be able to safely move through EMDR’s eight phases. Sometimes your preparation work can take months or even years.

These clients are truly inspiring, but at the same time, there is a lot of “frontloading” and energy required to support their healing journeys.

We may find ourselves spending tons of time “frontloading them” in the office before moving to the next stages of EMDR. At the same time, they, and we, can easily get burned out.

In the Equine-Assisted Therapy world, many folks in the equine therapy world find it tiring and hard to explain how and why horses actually help people heal. It’s tough sometimes to find words to describe the power of horses for healing.  We just “know” and have witnessed its power to change people’s lives.

I started to create and wrote my protocol for Equine-Assisted EMDR back in 2002, when I first intuitively knew that EMDR and Equine-Assisted work could be successfully integrated. Fast forward to 2011, and the first  Equine-Assisted EMDR training approved by the EMDR International Association came to be.

After I created Equine-Assisted EMDR things started to change in my practice. I started to refer less people out to get “frontloaded” by other providers. I started to experience less burn out because of the amazing changes I saw in clients and “breaking up” my office work with arena work. I witnessed beautiful moments through the Equine-Assisted EMDR work that could never have been replicated in just an office environment.

I also found that folks started to “get’ Equine-Assisted Therapy a little better. Because of my specialization, in trauma and dissociatoin, I was able to help other clinicians, to really understand and to increase their confidence in working with trauma and dissociation, both in and out of the arena.

But even more importantly, in my every expanding practice, I find myself more energized and inspired. I know that discovering Equine-Assisted EMDR, and how to integrate EA-EMDR in to your practice, will do the same for you.


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